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M&G Classic Chrome & Cars,s.r.o.(Ltd.) has been operating in Slovakia since 2005. Before this year, the owner / executive manager of the company himself chose to work abroad, where he had an opportunity to work with one of the renowned classic cars renovator. Marek Bogyo was interested in such work very much, as it is evidenced by Skoda Felicia made in 1959, which he renovated himself in 1997-1999, when he was only 19 years old.

Due to problems with high-quality chrome plating in 2001, this renowned renovator Ger Verbruggen sent him to learn how to do chrome plating in a quality way to Slovakia. So, with his help and his experience and skills, Marek Bogy managed to build workshops for the renovation of chrome parts and classic cars in Slovakia.

Since then, we have been specializing in complete renovation of classic cars and chrome plating of metal parts, which is led by our team with extensive experience in this field. The aim of our company is high quality and precise work, building long lasting and trustworthy relationship with customers. Customer satisfaction and trust is also the first step towards a repeated arrival and loyalty and therefore we try to make the customer feel that our work is quality, professional and we are reliable.

We - our teams

The most precious part of our society is our people.

Our team consists of experts in their fields with rich experience gained in this work. Our workplace is equipped with modern technologies that we constantly strive to innovate so that our people can continue to move forward because work is our business card and the customer is our master.

By engaging in dual education with the Secondary Technical School in Vráble, we look forward to helping young boys or girls integrate into the adult world, giving them the opportunity to improve their practical skills alongside school. After completing their studies, they can remain  full-fledged, independent members of our team, of which management and technical staff are an essential part.